The Role of Combustion Analysis in HVAC Efficiency

November 20, 2021
Furnace Maintenance in North Kansas City, MO

A high-efficiency heating system is vital in every home. It not only cuts utility bills but also increases your home’s value. One crucial way to maintain the efficiency of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is conducting a combustion analysis as often as is necessary. However, many people don’t understand the importance of conducting a combustion analysis and what it tells you as a homeowner.

At Summit Heating & Cooling, we are determined to educate property owners about why this simple exercise is critical. Read on for all the information on this lifehack and why you need to incorporate it into your HVAC maintenance when you call our expert technicians in Kansas City.

What Is Combustion Analysis?

Most residential HVAC systems use forced-air units to heat and distribute warm or cool air in the house according to the season. Here, natural air forces into your furnace and heats up before being distributed to other rooms through ducts or air vents. Remember that the process of heating and emitting air involves fuel combustion and the inevitable emission of harmful gases. Thus, there’s a need to analyze the gases in the furnace (mostly oxygen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide). Combustion analysis comes in to check if the fuel-to-air ratio in the heat exchanger is appropriate.

Consider combustion analysis on the next visit by your local HVAC technicians from Summit Heating & Cooling in Kansas City. Here is why it’s essential.

Keeps you Safe From Harmful Gases

Let’s reiterate that all heating systems generate exhaust gases like carbon monoxide. These gases are a significant health hazard to you and your family if they accumulate to high levels. A combustion analysis allows a technician to check the ratio of clean air to harmful gases in the HVAC system and diagnose the state of your boiler or furnace system.

An HVAC technician can easily detect leakages or other malfunctions by analyzing the furnace gas components. If there are cracks, it’s obvious that harmful gases like carbon monoxide are leaking into the house, and this requires immediate attention. Combustion analysis could inevitably be the first and most crucial part of any HVAC tune-up.

Improves HVAC Efficiency

Efficiency in this case means improving fuel economy. Energy Tips states that “An often-stated rule of thumb is that boiler efficiency can be increased by 1% for each 15% reduction in excess air.” A combustion analysis detects how efficiently your heating system transfers natural air into usable heat. Inadequate air in the furnace leads to unburned combustibles like soot, smoke, and CO, which may lead to a clogged system in the long run, while excess air results in unnecessary heat loss.

To improve the effectiveness of your boiler or furnace, our team uses digital combustion analysis tools to ensure that your boiler or furnace doesn’t burn too much fuel or infuse excess air. Moreover, we’ll ensure that efficient, safe air flows to the rooms and back so that you breathe the purest air only.

Enhanced Safety

Many homeowners have an annual furnace tune-up to clean or replace the air filters. Others install smoke detectors to protect their properties from hazards like electrical fires. You may even go as far as restricting the HVAC areas from kids and pets to ensure safety. These are essential safety measures, but do you know what else could boost the safety of your home? A combustion analysis.

Get a seasoned and reliable HVAC technician to check your system to ensure that you have access to clean, safe air. Your property will be safe from danger, thanks to a combustion analyzer! It’s imperative to ensure that you and your home occupants live in a CO-free environment. If you live in or around Kansas City, you can give Summit Heating & Cooling a call.

Saves Money

By identifying issues that can’t be seen with a visual inspection, combustion analysis can also help you save money on repairs. When problems are identified early, they can be fixed before they turn into more serious problems, including a complete furnace breakdown. Fixing issues early also helps your heating system run more efficiently.

Upkeep saves money! It’s the small things you do that matter the most. Every time a professional technician walks into your home to conduct maintenance tasks like cleaning internal components, changing filters, and analyzing furnace combustion, your heating system receives a boost in performance. Additionally, each minor repair increases the longevity of your system and helps you save money on energy bills.

At Summit Heating & Cooling, we advocate for getting regular tune-ups for your heating system, and we’ll go further and conduct a combustion analysis to ensure everything’s okay. Our efforts aim to save you from using hundreds or thousands of dollars on repairs or even replacement.

Mitigates Air Pollution

HVAC systems use fuel combustion to function. The end products are oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other harmful emissions like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides (NOX), and sulfur oxides (SO2) that exist freely in the flue gas. These gases are a significant cause of air pollution, and they can affect your health greatly.

Air combustion analysis can monitor the emission of unsafe gases and ensure that they are not contributing to indoor or outdoor air pollution. If you are concerned about harmful gases in the home or environment, you need to turn to HVAC experts like those at Summit Heating & Cooling to keep your home heating unit from emitting them.

Trust the Experts

Of course, conducting HVAC system repairs and handling combustion analysis are not DIY tasks. In fact, even some HVAC companies are not equipped to analyze the combustion of your furnace. Fortunately, our company has skilled experts to analyze and identify any problems with your HVAC system and develop a workable long-lasting solution. We also use modern cutting-edge equipment that gives reliable results for any combustion analysis we conduct. The process will tell us whether your air is safe or if there’s any toxic gas present, which we’ll help eliminate.

We have significant experience in the HVAC industry, and our company has evolved with the advancements in HVAC technology over the years. For property owners in Kansas City and its surroundings, our specialists at Summit Heating & Cooling are just a call away to handle all the heavy lifting and leave your home free of any HVAC issues.

We are invested in the comfort of all our client’s homes. Therefore, you can rely on our services at any time of the year. Call us if you’re facing any indoor air quality or humidity issues, and we will be there to fix it. We also deliver air duct cleaning services for residential and commercial customers throughout the area. Our specialties include heating and cooling repairs, installation, and maintenance. We are even available to provide 24/7 emergency repairs for issues that occur outside of regular business hours. Need help with your water heater? Our team offers water heater services as well. Call us today to find out more about our services or to set up an appointment.

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