Our Annual Maintenance Membership: Peak Performance Plan

Most heating and cooling equipment breaks down due to lack of maintenance. Our comprehensive maintenance plan keeps your equipment running as efficiently as possible, insuring its longest life. Members get priority service when experiencing problems, with no overtime charges, and a 15% discount on service calls and repairs. Ask us about joining!

Peak Performance Membership for Only $199

Why Be a Member?

Peak Performance CheckPeak Performance Membership customers receive:

  • 27-point furnace tune-up
  • 27-point air conditioner tune-up
  • 15% discount on parts, labor & indoor air quality
  • Priority service
  • No overtime charges
  • No weekend charges
  • No service call fee if maintenance is done within the last 30 days

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We Invite You to Participate in Our 10 + 10 Program

As part of your new installation, you receive a year of Peak Performance Membership benefits

This includes a spring and fall maintenance visit, 15% off on all repairs and indoor quality items, priority service, and no after-hour charges. To continue to be a part of this program it is $199 annually.

When you continue to enjoy the benefits of our Peak Performance each year, you have the option for additional coverage on any labor required to repair a Lennox warrantied item that we installed. Choosing not to participate in the 10 + 10 Program does not disqualify you from enjoying the benefits of the Peak Performance Membership, but it would leave you responsible for the labor of any warrantied items.

Here is where you will receive:

Year Peak Performance Membership Cost 10+10 Cost
1 included with installation included with installation
2 $199 +$0
3 $199 +$10
4 $199 +$20
5 $199 +$30
6 $199 +$40
7 $199 +$50
8 $199 +$60
9 $199 +$70
10 $199 +$80

So for $360, all labor on any item Lennox warranties will be covered by Summit Heating & Cooling.

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Call Summit Heating & Cooling at (816) 545-9017 to sign up for
our Peak Performance Membership and begin to save today!!!