At Summit Heating and Cooling we believe the key to lowering your heating and cooling energy bills starts with energy-efficient HVAC equipment. Sure, we understand that dinosaur heating and cooling systems may still work and provide you with some level of indoor comfort.

    The problem lies in how much money you’re wasting each month to operate these old HVAC systems. Our mission is to educate Kansas City area homeowners and commercial building owners on what the current landscape of new HVAC equipment looks like. When you are ready to move forward, our Certified HVAC Technicians will meticulously install your heating and cooling equipment.

    Some people choose to wait until their old Furnace or Air Conditioner simply fails to heat or cool their home. Once your comfort is compromised, you’ll finally take action and seek out HVAC repair. The situation is worsened by much higher-than-needed monthly utility bills. Wouldn’t it make sense to at least look into how easy it is to enjoy the peace of mind of owning modern, ultra-quiet, reliable, and energy-efficient Heating and Cooling systems?

    Here are our current HVAC specials that change with the seasons. There are so many Heating and Cooling equipment incentives going on, it’s overwhelming and difficult to understand.

    Our commitment is to bring some clarity as HVAC Rebates and Federal HVAC Tax Incentives constantly change. They are different depending on where you live and vary from state to state. Some are local to Kansas or Missouri, while other programs are at the Federal level allowing you potentially significant tax savings.

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