HVAC Installations in Kansas City

HVAC Installations in Kansas CityWe are proud to be a Lennox Premier Dealer. Our installers have been factory-trained to know how to install your new system to Summit’s standard of excellence and Lennox’s manufacturer specifications. We are the best airflow company in Kansas City, which means that we take special care to ensure that your new system is designed to promote the best possible airflow through your home. In taking these special precautions, we ensure the highest expectations for a long, efficient life for your HVAC system.

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Precautions on most standard installations include:
  • New Drop & Radius Boot with Turning Veins
  • New 5” Filter Cabinet on most installations 3 tons and above
  • Standard MERV 11 5” Filter
  • Return Air Pedestal for Improved Airflow

We understand that in pursuing your home’s comfort, safety is still the number one concern.

HVAC Installations in Kansas City

When installing your furnace, we take special care to:
  • Hard pipe your gas line from the shut-off through the cabinet and into the gas valve
  • Provide an electrical service switch
  • Perform a leak search on all gas fittings
  • Perform a combustion analysis

Your refrigerant system is designed to be a self-contained hermetically sealed refrigerant system. Your system shouldn’t need to be topped off unless there is a problem. Our installers are meticulous in ensuring that you have no leaks and never introduce moisture into your refrigerant system.

We do so by:
  • Installing Aluminum A coils with factory mounted regulation devices called a TXV
  • Replacing Line Sets whenever possible
  • Silver Solder Brazing with Nitrogen
  • Conducting a Nitrogen Pressure Test
  • Triple evacuating your system with a vacuum pump down to 1000, 750, & 500 microns

Along with our professional Comfort Advisors, our installation team designs your system with the utmost care taking your heat load calculation, dehumidification, efficiency, longevity, airflow, and comfort in mind. We make sure that our system designs are AHRI Certified to ensure correct matchups.

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We respect the fact that your new system will be in your home, keeping you comfortable for many years to come.