Spring Maintenance Tips

April 20, 2022
AC maintenance on a unit in Kansas City, Missouri

Longer days, bees buzzing, flowers blooming… all signs that spring is here. What spring is complete without a spring-cleaning list? Donate clothes, organize the garage, and clear out the pantry. We change burned-out lightbulbs and check our smoke and CO detectors, but what about your air conditioner? It should definitely make the to-do list.

Maintenance for your air conditioner is more than a tune-up.

A thorough maintenance is a multi-point process. A certified technician will check your AC’s electrical and controls systems and refrigeration. They will also clean the physical unit, including the coils and outdoor cabinet.

While we might not get everything on our list done, your AC maintenance is not one to

Just as athletes stretch before they practice or compete, your air conditioner should be checked and cleaned before the summer heat demands a heavier load from your air conditioner. Leaves and dirt accumulating inside your AC over the winter months are more than just something unpleasant to see. That debris can slow down or even stop the hot air inside your home from getting out, and dirty filters hinder the airflow in your home. If air cannot flow freely, your air conditioner and HVAC system cannot function at their best level, leaving you and your household uncomfortable.

Refrigerant levels are crucial for a better lifespan of your air conditioner too. If your refrigerant levels are not within the manufacturer’s settings (and here is where ounces matter), your AC will work harder and longer to keep your home at the desired temperature, which can shorten the AC and its parts’ lifespans. Again, your air conditioner runs more efficiently after a thorough
maintenance and cleaning.

While an apple a day keeps the doctor away, air conditioner maintenance can curb unexpected repairs at inconvenient times.

A thorough maintenance will ensure that your air conditioner is working as best as possible, but it can also let you know where upcoming or secondary repairs exist. Your AC may be working fine, but a motor could be losing power, or the capacitor could be on the edge of the manufacturer’s specifications. Your AC maintenance does not mean you have to make those repairs now, but it can give you time to save money and prepare for that repair.

Completing regular maintenance on any of your HVAC equipment will protect your warranty status. Depending on the part, some manufacturers require verification of completed maintenance throughout the AC’s life, so even if you have a new air conditioner, you should start your maintenance now.

If you are looking for the top, REACH for the Summit.

Summit Heating and Cooling can be trusted to care for you, your family, and your home. We hire certified HVAC technicians who practice a 27-point inspection at every maintenance. Our technicians use tools to check the electrical and control systems. They use hoseless gauges to verify refrigerant levels because every ounce of refrigerant matters, and we don’t want to
take yours with us.

Summit Heating and Cooling is always available, and our dispatchers will work with you to find an appointment time that works best with your schedule. We work on all models and brands for both residential and commercial sites.

An annual maintenance plan can save you worry about remembering when to do your maintenance or knowing who to call when something is wrong.

Summit Heating and Cooling has annual maintenance plan; it’s our Peak Performance Maintenance. For an annual payment, you receive maintenance on your cooling system in the spring and on your heating system in the fall. Summit’s staff will contact you when it is time to schedule too! As a Peak Performance Member, you also receive a 15% discount on any service or parts you require throughout the year. You will have priority service with no additional fees
during evening or weekend hours.

So take care of yourself and your home by signing up for your AC maintenance today!

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