What Does Servicing a Heating System Entail?

February 20, 2020

Maybe the time has come for a licensed contractor to check out your heating system. Whether the furnace needs repairs or it is time for an inspection, a professional’s hands and eyes become necessary to perform proper service. “Service” can seem like a catch-all term, though. What does it entail? The following covers a few steps the technician may perform.

Cleaning the System

A dirty furnace won’t rank high on the efficiency scale. A dirty furnace works a lot harder and also presents many hazards. Changing a dirty filter and cleaning up the furnace’s interior and ducts reflect two basic cleaning steps, but there are others.

The technician could remove and clean the coils and the burners, too. Kansas City is home to many different heating systems, and the technicians at Summit Heating & Cooling are available to perform everything from HVAC installation to routine heating and cooling maintenance.

Examine the Thermostat

If the thermostat isn’t working properly, maintaining the appropriate temperature becomes difficult. A technician could assess many issues with thermostats. Perhaps the current one is old and requires upgrading. Maybe it clicks too much and needs an adjustment. Or, the batteries might be dying. A close inspection should uncover any problems if they exist at all.

A Heat Exchanger Check

The heat exchanger allows heat to pass between two fluids. If the heat exchanger becomes too hot, it can crack. Once cracked, the heat exchanger could send harmful carbon monoxide into the home. And that’s just one serious problem that might occur.

Thankfully, safety switches can shut off a furnace when it overheats. Do the safety components work, though? A routine service visit might determine if there are any troubles with the heat exchanger and safety switches.

A Thorough Inspection

A service visit usually includes a multi-point inspection that can uncover anything wrong with your furnace. If a problem exists, a technician will be able to detect and fix it before it becomes worse.

Do you want your furnace serviced? Summit Heating & Cooling‘s NATE-certified team can help. We also provide heating repairs and installations, EPA-certified indoor air quality work and a full range of cooling services. Call our office today to speak with a representative.

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