Questions First Time Furnace Buyers Should Ask

October 2, 2019

Buying the wrong furnace for your home can be a costly mistake. Spending some time answering a few questions will guide you in making the right choice for your specifications.

1. What Are the Types of Furnaces?

Furnaces vary based on the kinds of fuel they use to produce heat. Oil furnaces can be very economical as oil is a potent heat source. The downside to buying an oil furnace is that it can release pollutants into your home. Electrical furnaces, on the other hand, are very efficient in turning electricity into heat, and they do not release pollutants. They are, however, costlier to run. Natural gas furnaces can heat your home for 50% or even 70% less than an electric furnace.

2. How Efficient Is the Heating System I’m Buying?

Efficiency for furnaces translates to what percentage of the fuel used is converted into heat. The higher the efficiency, the fewer pollutants and residue are left behind. You will find furnace efficiency denoted using a rating known in the industry as the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, or AFUE for short. AFUE ratings usually range between 80% and 98.5%.

3. What Size Furnace Should I Get?

This is a question better answered by experienced heating professionals. Just because you found a certain furnace when you moved into a house does not mean that you should get a same-sized replacement. You’ll want to get an expert’s assessment as buying a model that is the wrong size for your home can impact the longevity of the heating system and increase your energy costs.

4. What Influences Installation Cost?

The size and type of furnace will determine the installation costs. Ask your heating professional for a quote on installation cost so you can factor it into your decision.

5. What Should I Do About Maintenance?

Regular maintenance will help ensure that your furnace continues to function optimally for years to come. For furnaces that may produce pollutants, regular maintenance can also prevent health issues from arising.

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