Planning for Your HVAC Service Visit

September 14, 2019

It’s that time of year when we say goodbye to one season and hello to another. Your HVAC system will need some closure to prepare as well. Getting a tune-up and maintenance visit will help your system perform the way it should all season long. Here are some tips to improve your HVAC appointment and potentially reduce your energy bills.

1. Change Air Filters on Time

We’ll take care of the lubrication, testing, safety, and environmental tasks. Replacing the air filter will help you significantly if you change it monthly. Many of our customers mark it on the calendar, and it’s easy to remember. You’ll get cleaner air and a system that’ll perform more efficiently.

2. Trim Shrubbery Near Outdoor HVAC Parts

Trimming any bushes or shrubbery around the outdoor components allows us to access your system easier, and with about 18 inches of clearance, it shouldn’t interfere with your HVAC system during the change of seasons.

3. Open Air Vents

Opening your air vents fully throughout the home helps us test your system efficiently, and it saves you money by not over-exerting your HVAC system.

4. Tell the Technician About Any Issues

Finally, you’ll want to mention any items that you may have noticed about the operation during the season, so the experts will be able to address your HVAC system’s needs adequately.

Let the Professionals at Summit Heating and A/C Handle It All

Whether you need a tune-up, maintenance work, repairs, sales, or installation, we’ll be glad to handle it all. We also offer heating and water heater services as well as many specialty air quality products and services. We’ve been a part of the community in Denver for over two decades and counting. Our NATE-Certified technicians are professionals who are dedicated to providing top-quality work and customer service. You’ll soon see why so many customers choose Summit Heating and A/C as their HVAC service provider of choice. Contact us to schedule your tune-up and maintenance appointment today. We have offices in Littleton and Denver.

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