How to Locate Cold Air Leaks in Your Home

November 15, 2019

Cold air leaks are not little things that make a home slightly uncomfortable. They can drive down the temperature in your residence, creating hazards. Of course, you could run your furnace at maximum strength to compensate for the air leaks. The trouble with this strategy is the costs and waste. Your utility bill would be enormous, and a great deal of it would represent unnecessarily wasted fuel. Follow a better approach by locating the cold air leaks in your home. Here are three ways in which to do so.

How To Locate Cold Air Leaks in Your Home

1. Engage a Professional Inspection Service

There are professionals capable of performing an energy audit and air leak inspection. The experts possess the necessary tools to conduct a thorough inspection. A blower door test utilizes a machine to check for leaks.

2. Check for Drafts Using Your Hands

You’ll know cold hair when you feel it. So, run your hand along the door and window frames and any other potential source of an air leak. Do so with the furnace turned up. If you feel any cold air on your hand, you may have found a leak. Summit Heating & Cooling stands to deliver personalized solutions for clients in the North Kansas City area. From duct cleaning to indoor air quality improvement, we have someone available to help.

3. Check for Imperfections and Defects

Is the caulking on the windows aged, cracked or showing holes? If so, then the caulking can’t efficiently do its job. Caulking seals air and water leaks. Cracked and worn caulking has become ineffective, and outright cracks in a window or gaps in a door frame won’t help the cause of keeping cold air out. Some minor home improvement fixes could address these furnace-stressing problems.

Don’t delay in taking steps to improve your home comfort situation. Contact Summit Heating & Cooling today to schedule a visit. We perform a full range of heating, cooling and air quality services for clients in and around North Kansas City. We’ll even help with your water heater.

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