How to Avoid Furnace Repairs

January 10, 2020
Updated 4/23/24

Repairs to your furnace can be expensive. A major failure in the main components of your furnace could be costly to fix and may leave you in the cold. With some knowledge and professional help, you can save yourself a lot of money.

Be Sure to Have a Furnace Checkup Every Year

The cheapest way to service your furnace is to catch problems before they cause considerable damage. The certified heating technicians at Summit Heating & Cooling of Kansas City, MO, are well-trained to find problems before they become serious enough to warrant a major repair.


It is a shrewd idea to have a yearly furnace inspection. Furnace technicians can check the furnace’s safety devices to make sure your furnace is operating safely. They will run checks and make adjustments to the various systems operating inside the furnace to ensure your furnace is running at an optimal level.

But more than basic checks of your furnace’s operation, they will look for stress cracks and other indications of a major failure about to happen. An open flame takes a toll on the metal it is encased in. A dirty furnace makes its components work harder, wearing out parts early. Factors outside of the furnace can start to weaken its structure. Catching any weakness in the furnace will save you a big repair bill while your furnace is in full operation.

Is Your Furnace Reaching the End of Its Lifespan?

Repairing a furnace may indeed be cheaper than buying a new one, but paying for repairs and then having to replace your furnace anyway is not. Most furnaces today last for 15 to 20 years. How old is yours?

Furnace technicians can give you an idea of the condition of your furnace. They can also help you decide when may be a good time to replace it. Working together, the replacement can be done at a time when it will not have an impact on keeping your home and family warm.

Summit Heating & Cooling in North Kansas City, MO, provides financing for installation. Our certified technicians are trained to service your furnace, to make needed repairs and to make suggestions for obtaining a new unit to fit your needs. Give us a call at Summit Heating & Cooling to care for all of your heating, cooling and indoor air quality needs. We cover an area of a 60-mile radius of Kansas City and are available 24/7 for heating emergencies.

What are common causes of furnace repairs?

Common issues include dirty filters, lack of maintenance, thermostat problems, pilot light issues, and wear on components. Regular upkeep and timely repairs help prevent these issues and extend the furnace’s lifespan.

Regular DIY maintenance includes changing filters, keeping vents clear, and checking thermostat settings. Address minor issues promptly, but leave complex repairs and professional servicing to HVAC technicians to ensure safety and efficiency.


What can I do to maintain my furnace myself?

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