Ductless Mini Split in Liberty, MOIf you’re considering a ductless mini-split in Liberty, MO, you’re fortunate because these systems can benefit you in so many ways. A mini-split is basically a heat pump without the bulky ducts. It cools one room instead of the entire house, but it can do so with a minimum of energy loss. You can install one for a room addition or outbuilding, or you can install a series of them throughout the home. With one compressor hooked up eight air handlers, it provides a viable alternative to ducted units.

    The way these systems work is simple. A chemical refrigerant courses through the air handler portion of the system and draws heat out of your room. It then travels through piping to the outside unit called the compressor where it releases that heat. You get to enjoy cooler air.

    Ductless Mini-Split Advantages

    Ductless Mini-Split AdvantagesAs already mentioned, ductless ACs are very energy efficient because they don’t lose the cool air that would otherwise have escaped if it had to pass through ductwork. Most ductwork has its fair share of holes and leaks, and the installers may not have sealed it well.

    There are other benefits to owning a mini-split. Here are a few:
    • Long life expectancy (30 years if well maintained)
    • Unique features like directional airflow
    • Smooth, quiet operation at all times
    • A stylish air handler that can fit in anywhere
    • Remote access to temperature and other controls

    Directional airflow lets you point the air in any direction in your room, so rather than have it blow uselessly against the walls, you can aim it at yourself or other occupants. Did you know that every air handler has its own thermostat? That means you can have different temperatures throughout your home, each one conforming to the comfort level of that room’s occupant.

    And when that occupant leaves the room, he or she can shut off the air handler, whereas a central AC must cool the entire space regardless of how many are home. Expect some major savings with this type of system.

    Liberty’s Top Mini-Split Providers

    Liberty's Top Mini-Split ProvidersSummit Heating & Cooling boasts more than 200 years of combined experience, so trust us with your ductless mini-split installation here in Liberty. We’re known for our quick responses, punctual arrivals, and great customer care. Let us quote you an accurate price for the job. Our detail-oriented technicians are all have a NATE certification.

    To learn more about our work or about ductless mini-splits in Liberty, give Summit Heating & Cooling a call today!