Benefits of Fall Furnace Maintenance

October 15, 2020

As the winter months approach the Kansas City area, the experts at Summit Heating & Cooling are busy performing annual maintenance checks on home heating systems. It is not unusual for homeowners to want to skip this important appointment. After all, if nothing seems to be wrong with the system, there is no reason to pay for a professional to examine it. With years of experience in furnace care, we can tell you that the benefits of an annual tune-up greatly outweigh the cost of the appointment.

How Time Affects Your Furnace

An area like Kansas City puts a lot of wear and tear on a heating system. The cold winter temperatures mean that your furnace runs frequently throughout the day and night. The high temperatures of normal operation cause parts to expand and contract with each cycle. As air flows through your system, it brings dust particles and fibers that can coat interior parts of the furnace.

During the summer months, most home heating systems are idle, but the lack of use can leave parts susceptible to corrosion. Also, the system will receive a coating of household dust.

The toll of this cycle of activity and idleness is a loss of system performance. Parts begin to wear out. The heating system cannot maintain the desired temperature as easily as when it was new. If nothing is done to correct the situation, your heating system will have a short life with many unexpected repair calls. Annual maintenance is the key to interrupting the inevitable progress of system decline.

Prevent Emergency Repairs

At Summit Heating & Cooling, we are ready to help our Kansas City customers with heating system repairs. When there is a problem with your furnace, you need it addressed right away. Someone from our helpful team can be at your home or business 24/7.

However, one of the big benefits of a scheduled maintenance visit is giving our technicians a chance to look over your system before the heating season. They can examine electrical components for any loose connections. A scan of moving parts will reveal if anything is worn and due for replacement. If you join our Peak Performance Plan, these types of repairs will come to you with a 15% discount on the parts and labor.

It is no fun when you realize at midnight that your furnace is not working. An annual maintenance appointment can prevent furnace breakdowns before they happen. Both you and our technicians will be glad to have a good night’s sleep.

Increased System Efficiency

With each passing season, it is normal for your furnace to become a little less efficient. The vibrations of normal operation can loosen components so that they are not perfectly aligned. The byproducts of combustion build up and affect the system’s performance. As a result, you will see a steady increase in your fuel bill.

Although this drop in performance is a natural part of a furnace’s life cycle, an annual maintenance appointment will slow it down. Our technicians will readjust the system so that all settings are at their ideal level. They will lubricate any moving parts so that they operate smoothly. They will clean out the combustion area and make certain air-moving fans are free of dust. Your furnace will enter the heating season prepared for the best performance possible.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

Many homeowners want their house to be a little greener. You may have noticed people installing solar arrays around your neighborhood. The way you care for your furnace has an impact on your home’s carbon footprint.

A well-maintained furnace is more efficient. As a homeowner, this gives you the advantage of a lower fuel bill. It also means that you are burning less fossil fuel each season.

In addition, regular maintenance will improve the combustion in your furnace. A clean-burning furnace releases fewer pollutants into the atmosphere. An annual maintenance appointment is not only good for your home, but it is also good for the planet.

Air Quality Benefits

Families are growing more aware of the importance of improving their home air quality. For people with allergies, poor indoor air quality can lead to cold-like symptoms like that of an allergic reaction. If someone in your family has a respiratory issue like asthma, high levels of allergens can cause an attack.

In a forced-air heating system, air flows through your heating equipment and ducts throughout your home. If the heating system is dirty, some of those impurities will travel along with the flowing air. At your annual maintenance appointment, our technicians clean the system to remove dust before it gets into your air supply.

We also check your system air filter to see if it needs changing. At this appointment, you might want to talk to our technicians about using a more powerful filter. A basic air filter removes larger impurities like hair and fibers that could disrupt the system. A stronger filter will remove smaller particles of dust and dander that impact your air quality. Keep in mind that the extra power needed to pull air through a more powerful filter may have an impact on the heating system’s efficiency.

If you are very concerned about air quality, you might consider taking advantage of the air duct cleaning services offered by Summit Heating & Cooling in Kansas City, MO. By removing the dust that coats your ducts, you can rest assured that only clean air will flow through your vents.

An Important Home Safety Check

When a gas furnace is working properly, the byproducts of combustion are carbon dioxide and water. But, as the system becomes less efficient, its combustion will not be as clean. You may notice soot buildup around the burner. A burner flame that is yellow or orange instead of blue is another sign of a problem.

When combustion is not happening cleanly, it can release carbon monoxide into your home. This gas is colorless and odorless. If it builds up in your home air, it may cause the tragic consequences of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you or your family members notice headaches or dizziness during the heating season, it is critical to get into the fresh air right away.

At your annual maintenance appointment, our technicians will examine your system and make certain that it is burning safely. In addition to carbon monoxide detectors for home safety, an annual tune-up will help protect your family.

Get the Most from Your Home Heating Investment

We install furnaces throughout the Kansas City area. Everyone knows that a new heating system is expensive. Annual maintenance protects your investment so that it lasts longer. A well-maintained system will give you several extra years of performance. A furnace tune-up lets you get the most value out of your heating equipment.

Summit Heating & Cooling is the crew Kansas City trusts for residential and commercial heating system services. We can also help you with cooling system services, indoor air quality products, and water heaters. Contact us today to set up an appointment. We look forward to serving your home climate comfort needs.

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