When you need AC repair in Greenwood, MO you can count on the timely service at Summit Heating & Cooling. Air conditioner repair can save you from replacing an old AC before it gets too old and can save you a lot of money if you choose the right company. As a local family-owned business, we can help you with both if you choose us for your HVAC needs. We regularly help Greenwood families beat the heat by providing them with solid air conditioner repair options.

    AC Repair in Greenwood, MO

    What to Expect During Air Conditioner Repair

    If you need air conditioner repair in Greenwood then Summit Heating & Cooling is the logical choice to help. We offer both scheduled AC repair and 24/7 emergency service, depending on the nature of your problem. Certain things like the smell of mold, refrigerant leaks, and/or your circuit box tripping when the AC turns on are huge problems that pose health risks. These types of issues need immediate attention and should be checked out by certified technicians right away. If you are unsure of whether or not you need urgent air conditioner repair in Greenwood, just call Summit Heating & Cooling and we can help. While we can’t treat issues over the phone because we need to see what is going on, we can offer professional advice based on the situation you describe.

    Four common signs it’s time to contact our team for air conditioner repair:
    • Odd noises from your AC unit
    • Rising energy bills
    • High humidity levels indoor
    • Leaks near AC

    Top AC Repair Company in Greenwood

    Top AC Repair Company in GreenwoodIf the time has come for AC repair in Greenwood, Summit Heating & Cooling should be your first call. We are a family-owned business that only hires NATE-certified technicians. As a company, we believe in green technologies and are EPA certified, which ensures we offer only the best energy solutions to our customers. In addition to AC repair, we also offer air conditioning tune-ups and AC installation to ensure that your home is also cool during the summer months. Certified by Angi, we are known for our excellent customer service and expertise.

    If you suspect that something is wrong with your AC, we would love to send our techs out to assess your system and offer repair solutions. Not looking for AC repair? We also offer a full range of heating repair services. If you are interested in a new air conditioner, our team can help. We’ll provide an estimate for a solution that will provide for your personal needs. Regular maintenance is important to keep your AC running long term. Call to schedule your annual tune-up before the spring season.