When your AC breaks down in the middle of a Gladstone, MO summer, you can count on Summit Heating & Cooling to provide timely AC repair. We’re available for AC repair, as well as after-hours emergency service. We also offer preventative maintenance packages, ensuring that your coolant levels are maintained, and all the parts of your AC unit are working. Plus, we even have contact-free service calls! With fast, efficient service and factory-trained and certified technicians, come to discover why Summit Heating & Cooling is the area’s number one choice for air conditioner repair.

    AC Repair in Gladstone, MO

    Air Conditioner Repair Specialists in Gladstone

    Even with the best maintenance and service, an air conditioning unit only has a life of about 10 to 15 years. At Summit Heating & Cooling, we recommend tune-ups and cleaning every year, catching small problems before they become larger ones.

    However, your AC unit will typically give you early warning signs that it’s about to malfunction, so if you notice one or more of these, give our team a call.
    • The unit is unusually noisy
    • Not reaching the desired temperature
    • Condensate drain line is clogged
    • Warm air coming from your vents
    • Frequent cycling on and off

    We have professionally trained technicians that can diagnose any AC problem and complete the air conditioner repair right the first time.

    Your Local AC Repair Experts

    Your Local AC Repair ExpertsAt Summit Heating & Cooling, we pride ourselves on our reputation for communicating with you at every step, including showing respect for you and your home, completing every job with professional attention to detail, and respecting your schedule by showing up on time and ready to work. We’re always happy to help! Whether it’s fixing your existing unit or installing a new one, we also provide you with valuable education to ensure your utmost comfort.

    Summit Heating & Cooling offers free estimates and around-the-clock emergency repair, working to keep you and your family comfortable no matter how hot the weather gets!

    Give us a call today, or visit us online to schedule repair service in Gladstone! Besides air conditioner repair, we’re also qualified to provide a full range of furnace repair services. Interested in a new AC system? Our team carries a great selection of top-rated models to suit your home and budget. Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your cooling system running smoothly. Be sure to schedule your annual AC tune-up appointment.