Scheduling regular furnace maintenance is necessary to deal with the long winter of Pleasant, KS. Heating tune-ups are essential to ensure that the heating system runs smoothly without leaving you shivering in the cold. Dirt and debris get stuck inside the heating system during summer, affecting its operation and health. Keep in mind that your furnace regulates your indoor air quality in addition to providing heat. So the best time to service your furnace is in the fall before the cold sets in.

    Furnace Maintenance in Pleasant

    To avoid any inconvenience, you should contact a professional team of technicians to ensure all problems are identified and that required maintenance is carried out efficiently. If your furnace has been making odd sounds or not keeping your home warm enough, contact Summit Heating & Cooling to hire reliable and licensed technicians. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction; hence, we offer 24-hour emergency services for Pleasant and nearby areas.

    Heating Tune-up Checklist

    Professional technicians check all essential components of the system before starting the tune-up. They begin with adjusting, cleaning and lubricating all parts. It is followed by testing the optimal operation of each part before allowing you to use your furnace to ensure safety.

    Some essential tasks involved in the heating tune-up checklist include:
    • Inspecting the vent system
    • Removing and cleaning blockages
    • Fixing electrical connections
    • Calibrating thermostat
    • Cleaning or replacing air filter
    • Testing system’s safety controls
    • Ensuring efficient working

    It is recommended that you schedule annual furnace maintenance or get it done before the cold season. Regular furnace tune-ups maintain efficiency, so you can save money by lowering your energy bills. By getting routine maintenance, your furnace warranty remains valid and well-maintained furnaces can last a long time.

    Trustworthy Furnace Maintenance in Pleasant

    Trustworthy Furnace Maintenance in PleasantWhile searching for premier furnace maintenance services, Summit Heating & Cooling is a reliable name in the industry. Our technicians are NATE-certified and also provide exceptional customer service response. We offer services for all makes and models of heating systems. Our company includes EPA-certified air experts who are trained under our 200 years of combined industry experience. We are proud members of the KCP&L Energy Council and ASHRAE and we do not compromise on our safe and reliable results.

    You can call us today and make an appointment with our expert technicians for heating maintenance services.

    When the spring season begins you can trust us to care for your AC maintenance needs.

    If you plan to install a new furnace or your current system breaks down, Summit Heating & Cooling also offers heating installation.

    If your heater isn’t working properly we can quickly assess your system and provide efficient repairs.